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Struggling with addiction

You think it’s funny to humiliate somebody because of the issues they’re going through? People have there reasons for using substances (eg: Cocaine, Meth, Heroin etc) you may not agree with the decision that they made but you don’t have any rights to drag them through mud especially when they are trying to deal with they’re problem. You don’t know there background and what they’ve gone through in life! Do you think it’s funny to take pictures or video record them and post on social media because they don’t seem “normal?” They could be really sick for all you know but it doesn’t matter to you because you want to post it on your Facebook or Instagram wall so you can get some likes. (Attention Whores)


If you’re one of those people that do shit like that I fucking hope from the bottom of my heart that you experience painful death.

Middle finger directly at your fucking face asshole!

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